Baby Names

April 5, 2012 06:53 by ehouston

I think we are there.  We have chosen the one we are going to use, but I’m not sure about telling everyone else.  Does that mean I might not be totally sold on the idea of this particular moniker?  no.  I think it’s that fear of someone having the gall to tell me how it’s just not right.  Why is it that this woman who rarely worries what others will think, is suddenly paralyzed by the fear of the off-hand comment from a friend or family member?  The idea that the comment might wiggle it’s way into my subconscious and change my mind really does frighten me.  I am a believer in telling once the deed is done.  Then if anyone speaks up they look like the bad guy.  hee!  Passive aggression at it’s best, maybe, but the easy way out too.  With two new additions to the family this year, and possibly a third (we’re still praying for ya’ H & E!), we are now running into the question of “what if we pick the same name?”  And, since we are simply unable to come up with anything else to shake us from our original idea, we feel it would be tragic should we loose this option or at least part of it.  So, here is a teaser…Grace.  Yep, Grace is part of the name.  Okay, that’s it for now.  I guess after writing this out I feel a little less scared about keeping the secret.  Winking smile

Have you ever had trouble naming your offspring?  There are two people at church right now with unnamed newborns.  That’s got to be tough!

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