Spring Décor - 2012

April 11, 2012 02:06 by ehouston

Since I’m not big on lugging boxes of décor around for each and every holiday, simply because storage space does not permit it and I just don’t have it in me to go all out for every thing, I thought I would share the couple of things we did add to brighten the house over the holiday weekend.  Of course I wanted to have a door greeting for our Easter Egg Hunt guests and anyone else that happened by over the next few weeks.  So, I dug up this little thrift store find from last year.


It was a cone shaped basket lined with a galvanized container that only cost $1.99.  I used a piece of brown grosgrain ribbon with white polka dots that was left over from a sewing project I shared over here to make a hanger.  I just slipped it through those holes along the top of the backside and tied the ends into a large bow.  A $10.00 bouquet of spring flowers later and wholla!


Happy spring door décor!

Don’t you just love purple and yellow together in the spring time?  Ahhh, fresh!

Okay, so I have to chuckle a little now because we really did not do a lot of decorating around here at all.  Aside from the flowers on the door and the fun treats that I mentioned last week for the egg hunt, the only other thing I managed to do was add some cute cut-outs to the dining room table.  I was not sure if our group would end up congregating in the dining area or just in the kitchen at our smaller table, so I wanted to put something slightly festive in there as well.  I found these really sweet free downloads over at The Handmade Home.  She puts these out monthly and they are meant for framing, or I guess whatever you want to do with them for your own decorating needs.  We, yes the Little Guy helped pull them off the printer, printed out the lambs and bunnies along with the latest creation, these chickadees, pictured below. 

Photo via The Handmade Home

I carefully cut around each lamb and bunny, then from the area I cut away, I removed a long slightly curved piece keeping only the colored section and discarding the white edge of the paper.  I made two slits in the bottom of each animal and two slits along the middle of the strip of paper and slid the two together at those cut lines.  (I hope this makes sense!) 

Ta-Da!  Cute spring animal cut-outs, stand-ups, whatever you want to call them.


I just placed them around our usual candlestick display along the center of the table.  I had meant to send each child home with one, but we never really ended up using this space that morning.  Oh well, I guess I will have some cute little animals for next spring too!


We had intended to drape a piece of crepe paper along the opening between our family room and the kitchen for fun.  Then we were going to add sized down cut-outs of the chickadees along the strip, but our first guests arrived before we could even get the tape out.  Wuh-wah!  Oh well, like I said things were simple and to the point around here for the holiday.  ;o)  Hope you guys did something fun to get in the mood for spring and Easter!

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Easter Sunday 2012

April 9, 2012 09:40 by ehouston

We had a pretty packed, yet somehow relaxing Easter Sunday this year.  It started with a slight freak-out over the midnight visit from the Easter Bunny.


In fact, most of my shots were even more blurry than this because he was jumping around so much.


I tried to get him to take his loot to the kitchen table to deposit his newly gained candy in the treat bowl leftover from both his Preschool Easter Egg hunt, as well as, the one we had at the house on Friday with is friends.  Not only did he still manage to spill jelly beans all over the floor, but he also took the time to pretend nibble each piece of candy before putting it with the rest, all the while mumbling about “CAHN-DEE!” and getting more and more giddy.  Seriously, it’s like a drugs for toddlers.

After negotiating him down to eating just two medium sized pieces before breakfast I was able to feed him something decent and get him out the door for a mid-morning Easter service at church.  This also included lots of fun take-a-ways for the Sunday School Two’s group, which thrilled my son to no end.  Apparently candy is the currency of choice in more places than just my home, and second occasionally only to stickers.

This year I remembered to take some pictures of us in our nice clothes before ripping off the hose, tossing the dress and pulling the Little Guy out of his button-down shirt.


The photo session started sweet, with some questions about the Easter Bunny and then some belly love shots.



There was a moment of calm and then the crazy took over,


and things got a bit rowdy.


Lets just say someone’s cute, newly made, seersucker pants headed straight to the washer after only about an hour on his skinny little legs. 

But that was fine since egg dyeing was next on the agenda and no matter how well I plan it seems I am never prepared for the mess he is able to make.  We only had one snafu when I barely looked away and he pulled an egg out of a dye bath with his bare hand. Not horrible, but the near wipe of the bright orange dyed hand across his light green shirt would have really made the moment. I caught his arm just in time.


I love this picture because it shows the sheer determination by which he went about decorating his eggs.  I was actually trying to talk to him and get him to look at me, but he was in the zone and totally unaware that I existed in the same space.  Just look at that bottom lip jutting out.  Sticker placement is an intense art not to be interrupted.

We finished our day with a lovely dinner at a friend’s house, where we stuffed ourselves to the gills.  It was a beautiful day, filled with lot’s of low-key but fun activities. 

Hope you all had a wonderful time this holiday weekend!

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Easter Hunt

April 6, 2012 08:01 by ehouston

Today was a big play date.  I should say BIG play date!  We had the Little Guy’s five main buddies over, along with their itty bitty siblings and moms.  Plus, two grandmothers.  It was a houseful and it was FUN!  A couple of us moms thought it would be fun to do an Easter Egg hunt and I offered up our place.  We have a nice sized backyard and it’s fenced in, so there was no concern about escapees. 

IMG_1646 (2)

Here is my man all decked out for the backyard hunt.


And, here he is in action.

It was so cool to see kids running all over the backyard, excited to find each and every egg.  I think the moms had just as much fun seeing their little ones getting so into the game.  All of us have 2.5 year olds and although they have been playing together regularly for at least half of that time, they are just now getting to the point of truly playing together.  It’s just neat to see their personalities develop and take shape.  After all the eggs had been found (or so we hope), they started just running around and making up games.  Mostly “chase-me” themed games and some that only a toddler whisperer could possibly figure out.  I love to see them create their little scenarios and rules and then attempt to keep it all straight.  We only had one major head bonking as two of them collided during a rowdy romp through the vinca vine way out back, but luckily they walked it off.  Whew!  Nothing like one crying fit to start the chain reaction! 

Of course we offered up some sustenance to keep them going in the form of bunny-themed refreshments.




I used the Rabbit’s Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting recipes from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook.  This cake is always so moist and the frosting really creamy.  YUM!  I did omit the walnuts from the cake recipe since our little ones have allergies and I let them pick between chocolate and marshmallow bunnies.  Leaving the golden foil wrap on the chocolate bunnies sent most of them to pick the “purple” sparkly ones.  More chocolate for the moms!  WOOT!  ;o)

Several fun-filled hours later, after the last friend had gone home and we had some calm alone time I had to bring up the nap.  He went kicking and screaming, but was out moments after his head hit the pillow.  But, not before saying, “Mom, Liam likes hanging out with his friends.”  So sweet!

Hope you all have a fun Easter Weekend!

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Happy Easter Everyone!

April 25, 2011 07:39 by ehouston

We had a lovely Sunday, Easter day and hope that everyone else did as well.  Unfortunately in my rush to get to church and then to get the panty hose off immediately after, I forgot to have us sit for what would have likely been a fantastic family shot!  Oh, all the ones I miss seem to be the most “fantastic” right?  It’s always the ones that got away.  hee… hee…

The Little Guy spent his first day in Sunday School/Church Day care while The Mister and I enjoyed the service.  We tried bringing the Little Man in for the service, but after the first VERY loud song he had, had enough.  Luckily his dad took the advice of another member and tried leaving him in the 19 month old class.  After a brief freak out, the Little Guy eased in with a cutie in a flowy  dress and all was well until we returned.  I think we are in for something really, really rough once the teen years hit.  This kid is already all about the babes!

Later that afternoon we headed next door to enjoy an egg hunt with the neighbors and their granddaughter.  It was so sweet and such a nice way to end the day.




Hope all of you had a good time and didn’t over do the candy too much this year!

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Etsy Treasury–Easter Garden Party

April 11, 2011 05:10 by ehouston

My vintage flower tray by Colonial was featured in another fabulous Etsy Treasury.  This one was curated by Christine from the vintage shop, Muffn Of Doom.  She has some great finds up for sale, so check them out.  I think this is would be one crazy, psychedelic Easter garden party. 


I also think it would be a TON of fun.  Am I right or what?

Kitsch Krafts

PS- I wish I had a spot for that 1970’s Lime Green Woodard Patio Set.  It’s really pretty terrific!

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