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August 12, 2011 01:12 by ehouston

A few weeks ago I posted about being stumped as to whether I should use three or four wall hangings above our bed.  I received several responses via comments on the blog and Facebook and the resounding answer was THREE!!!  Initially I planned to use just three of these little wall hangings, but when I ended up with enough fabric to make four I thought I might be able to squeeze them all in.  Now that I have them up on the wall I know that three really is the magic number.


Thinking about it….


…Maybe they could make the squeeze?

Nope, three is just right!


We are very happy with how these came out and once the walls are painted a soft gray I think everything will really start to come together.  Yeah, we do things a little backwards around here sometimes.  The ceiling in our master bedroom is vaulted up pretty high, so painting it and the walls will not be an easy task.  We don’t even have a ladder tall enough to reach for cutting in.  The big decision on this project is whether to spend our money on a taller ladder (my choice) or just pay someone to do this painting project for us.  One day we will get there with the decision.  In the meantime I plan to make as many changes as possible with what I have.

In case you are wondering about the process for these wall hangings I thought I would give a quick overview.  First of all, the middle sections started life long ago as cloth napkins.  At least that is what they seem to be.  I bought a set of them at an estate sale many years ago and if it weren’t for some stains I cannot remove on several, I would have done a much larger installation of 9.  But, again, I am making do with what I have.

I had decided about 4 years ago that I wanted our bedroom to be gray with green accents and the limey-olivey green of the napkin pattern seemed like a nice addition to the space.  I dug around in my fabric stash and found some gray fabric, which was leftover from the valance I made for the bathroom in our old Nashville, TN home.  The gray fabric has a line of lighter gray running through it that makes a long dotted or dashed mark, creating a nice texture.  It contrasts well with the slightly nubby texture of the vintage napkins.  To start this project I determined how wide and high I wanted each piece to be, taking into consideration that I wanted to add the gray border to the napkin.  I removed the hem from the napkins and pressed them open before pinning the gray strips in place and running a stitch with my machine.


Since these panels would be hung above our bed I had decided to keep them as light as possible, so I used foam core boards for mounting.  Before placing the fabric panels I added a layer of heirloom cotton quilt batting, which is thin and only adds a little bit of poof.


After pressing the seams open along the newly added gray border I laid the fabric out over the quilt batting and pulled the edges around to the back side of the foam core board.  While I was adjusting the borders I used painter’s tape to hold the fabric in place.  Once everything looked like it was about right I used a hot glue gun to permanently affix the fabric to the foam core board.  Then I added simple picture hangers to the top edge and they were ready to hang.  I think they came out pretty nice, adding some vintage modern charm to our master bedroom.


What have you been creating out of your vintage fabrics lately?

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