Easter Hunt

April 6, 2012 08:01 by ehouston

Today was a big play date.  I should say BIG play date!  We had the Little Guy’s five main buddies over, along with their itty bitty siblings and moms.  Plus, two grandmothers.  It was a houseful and it was FUN!  A couple of us moms thought it would be fun to do an Easter Egg hunt and I offered up our place.  We have a nice sized backyard and it’s fenced in, so there was no concern about escapees. 

IMG_1646 (2)

Here is my man all decked out for the backyard hunt.


And, here he is in action.

It was so cool to see kids running all over the backyard, excited to find each and every egg.  I think the moms had just as much fun seeing their little ones getting so into the game.  All of us have 2.5 year olds and although they have been playing together regularly for at least half of that time, they are just now getting to the point of truly playing together.  It’s just neat to see their personalities develop and take shape.  After all the eggs had been found (or so we hope), they started just running around and making up games.  Mostly “chase-me” themed games and some that only a toddler whisperer could possibly figure out.  I love to see them create their little scenarios and rules and then attempt to keep it all straight.  We only had one major head bonking as two of them collided during a rowdy romp through the vinca vine way out back, but luckily they walked it off.  Whew!  Nothing like one crying fit to start the chain reaction! 

Of course we offered up some sustenance to keep them going in the form of bunny-themed refreshments.




I used the Rabbit’s Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting recipes from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook.  This cake is always so moist and the frosting really creamy.  YUM!  I did omit the walnuts from the cake recipe since our little ones have allergies and I let them pick between chocolate and marshmallow bunnies.  Leaving the golden foil wrap on the chocolate bunnies sent most of them to pick the “purple” sparkly ones.  More chocolate for the moms!  WOOT!  ;o)

Several fun-filled hours later, after the last friend had gone home and we had some calm alone time I had to bring up the nap.  He went kicking and screaming, but was out moments after his head hit the pillow.  But, not before saying, “Mom, Liam likes hanging out with his friends.”  So sweet!

Hope you all have a fun Easter Weekend!

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