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October 15, 2010 01:55 by ehouston

Along with my many other projects that I mentioned earlier this week, I have been trying to come up with a costume idea for the little guy.  During this time we have been receiving the Party City flyers advertising all their costumes and Halloween party supplies.  If you don’t know what Party City is, it’s just a big warehouse store full of themed and non-themed party supplies and they usually have tons of costumes at this time of year.  Even though I think I have figured out what the Little Guy is going to be this year, I still cannot help myself when the flyer shows up in our mailbox each week.  In the last flyer that arrived I noticed quite possibly one of the worst costumes I could have ever imagined. 


Not only is the “Party Animal” costume totally stupid, but I actually found myself wondering out loud, “Do monkeys drink beer?”.  Duh!  On top of the obvious flaws with this costume idea, it happens to be one of the more pricey options.  Really?  You want to represent a partier so bad that you actually have to go out and buy a costume?  And, spend top dollar?  Really?

What I have been marveling over with each flyer is how “sexy” the costumes are for the women.  Not only the adult women, but even the young girl costumes are a bit on the overtly sexy side…otherwise known as “cute” in Party City terminology.  It makes me laugh and a bit sad to find that you can’t just dress up any more.  No, you have to be sexy in your costume…at least if you are a female, that is…


Just check out those costume names.  “Smokin Hot Firefighter”, “Too Hot” (military costume) and is that “Supergirl” or Super Hooker?  I just don’t know any more.


And, you can’t just be Jesse from the movie Toy Story, you have to be “Sexy Jesse”.  What?

Just call me old school.  (I guess I need to change that to “sexy” old school)

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