The First of Many Firsts

September 9, 2015 12:39 by ehouston

So, my heart walked right out of my chest and onto a bus for the first time yesterday morning.  I spent the next 7 hours and 45 minutes wondering.  What a helpless feeling knowing I could not be there to protect (nut allergies) or to comfort when he needed me.


Then the big yellow bus came back and out popped my heart.  It was smiling, happy and full.

Hope everyone had an uneventful first day of school!


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Oh How I Miss This Place

September 23, 2013 14:35 by ehouston

It may be surprising to know that I come to my site almost daily.  Not to finally get off my butt and share something.  Instead I just click on my blogroll links and read about everyone else's interesting life.  It's not just a busy schedule that keeps me away these days.  It's also the feeling that everyone has a blog.  And I mean EVERYONE!  I don't fault anyone for that, no matter their reasons for joining this huge club.  That's just a fact.  I often feel like, "what could I possibly have to add?"  And, then I let another day slip by without sharing.

I will admit to loving this forum for keeping my far away friends and family up to date on what is going on in our world.  I am under no illusion that I will become famous for what I write about here, or that droves of readers from around the globe will click over to find out what riveting plans we have for our next family trip, DIY project or craft session with the kids.  Like so many other bloggers out there, this is my way of letting folks into my world and life without using up all of our phone time on why I chose the paint finish used in the bathroom remodel, or all the tweaks that were necessary to get a recipe just right.  It's also the best way I have found of preserving some of our little family memories since I almost never remember to write anything down any where else.  (Both baby books look like what I imagine forth and fifth siblings get from their poor bedraggled moms when all is said and done.)

I miss being here and recording what is going on in our lives.  But, there is something I refuse to miss even more.

My kid's at this age.

There are days when I spy my lonely desktop from across the room and pine for the time to steal away and write about the past year or so that is just slipping through my fingers faster than I can see, let alone grab.  Then I look at those little smiles, the tiny feet, itty bitty fingers and realize I need to enjoy this time now.  Rather than look at my life in pictures later, I need to be present today without the camera in front of my face.  I had a dream that my kids were asked to make drawings of their family at school.  Both came home with sweet little crayon scribbled portraits and both had replaced my head with a camera view from the lens end.  I don't need a dream dictionary or psychologist to figure the meaning of that one out.  Although, with that being said I do actually hope to take more pictures going forward.  There are some expressions my little girl has already started to lose just because her baby fat is melting away and if I cut the curls of my son's hair short he instantly becomes a mini-man before my eyes.

I want to capture more moments, both here at the blog and through my famously CSI style photos, but mostly by experience. 

All of this to say, that I may be out of commission right now, but I have not forgotten this love of mine and I will make a better effort to share more going forward.

Hope everyone is having a great life out there!

Kitsch Krafts

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Well Hello Der!

June 26, 2012 08:50 by ehouston

I have been missing you guys lately.  That is, if anyone is out there any longer. ??  ;o)  I have been working hard lately to end my 50+ day blogging hiatus, but it seems as though there is always something else that I NEED to do before I let loose this human inside of me.  We are officially at the 4 week countdown and something keeps bugging me about an early arrival.  At this point I have said that to enough people that she is sure to be late and I have doomed myself to more hippo time in the summer heat, as well as, two birthdays to celebrate during the month of August from here until eternity.  Although as I type that last sentence I can feel a leg (or some other appendage) kicking clear around my side to the back of my rib cage while simultaneously something is butting up against my bladder.  It definitely feels like the great escape is under way.  Pray for me, please!

We have been way too busy for me to even attempt to capture the essence of the crazy that has been spiraling around our home over the last couple of months.  Alas, the light at the end of the tunnel has become increasingly brighter as the “big boy” room and nursery are coming together nicely, and just in time.  The Little Guy has been happily sleeping away without much issue in his new, bigger and better (that’s how we’re selling it anyways!) room since May and as of last week the nursery furniture is in place and the bed is made and ready, should she arrive prior to her due date.  I am slowly pulling the décor together, although it has been a lot of trial and error and use of what we already have in order to keep to my usual non-existent budget.  The Little Guy’s room seemed set in stone until furniture arranging got the better of us and now all hanging of artwork has been placed on hold until we can decide the best configuration.  But, again, we will get there because living with the chaos has nearly taken it’s toll.

It may sound pretty tame.  Two rooms to fix up and rearrange.  Oh, the most famous of last words!  I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy-brain or simply that I am just not that good, but I have had the hardest time pulling the ideas in my head out and realizing them in my home.  As we round the corner and come to the end I have begun to find that I am okay with where we are, despite it not all looking as perfect as my mind was able to dream it up.  I keep reminding myself that in the first half of 2012 I have managed to complete a pretty decent guest bath mini-remodel, which I hope to have an artwork update to share with you all very soon.  I have also successfully repainted, rearranged and furnished our spare bedroom to create a decent space for a toddler-to-little-boy transition, and all on a very tight budget.  Along with that change-up, I made some modest switcheroo's in the nursery to accommodate a little girl without sending myself to a state of bed rest for the remainder of this pregnancy.

The toughest part during the last couple of months has been getting adjusted to having my office and craft space relocated to the playroom.  While I loved the solace of our shared space over the garage and just down from our bedroom, my husband longed for an office of his own.  So, with one enlightened conversation we managed a quick compromise (a miracle for even the best of marriages!) to place all the exercise equipment into my half of the office while bringing my crafting and workspace together in the playroom where all that equipment used to gather dust.  Now, if one of those psychologists from Hoarders could come by and help my husband with his pack-ratting issues we may get to a point where all that exercise equipment can be set up for use.  I certainly will be in need of some treadmill time in a couple of months.  Maybe the promise of a heightened derriere will help get his in gear.  I can only hope!

So now we come to the slow down and the time when I try to get my life back on a regular schedule.  No, the house is not as clean and tidy as I would like it to be before baby and family begin infiltrating our space.  And, yes, I would like to get a lot more food made and stowed away in the freezer before I have too many hungry mouths to feed and literally no energy to dial Chinese take-out.  But, in between putting away the painting supplies and the occasional craft project for one space or another, I am working to give my Little Man some undivided attention.  His monopoly on my time is about to abruptly end and in many ways that makes me terribly sad for him.  I will freely admit, I LOVE every waking moment that I get to spend with him. 


Even those that have me walking away, teary-eyed, cussing and wanting to smother him.  Yes!  The one thing I have learned in my almost three years of being a mom is that no matter how much you love them or how cute you think they are, there are moments you want to lock them in a closet and drown your sorrows in the whir (because that’s all you can do when you are preggers) of the margarita machine. 


However, as the birth of our little girl approaches and I slow down to take a breath I can see some hesitation and anxiety in his eyes.  I know he is over the moon at the idea of having a baby sister and getting the opportunity to teach her things, but as I have increasingly had to stop doing the more physical fun stuff with him I can see him starting to understand that his mom-time won’t be the same pretty soon.  So, before I regret this lost time I am setting aside all the excessive DIY, Crafting, Sewing, Blogging, Web Surfing, Facebooking (God, when did that become a verb?) and just putting my fatty pants on the ground to drive trains around endless wooden tracks, through Mega block castles with tunnels and read to George and Martha anthologies cover to cover for the millionth time. 


I’m sure it’s the hormones right now, but I have had a couple of tearful moments realizing myself that my special times with my sweet little man are about to be bombarded with crying, nursing, diapering and sleepless nights.  It’s a bit of a mourning process I suppose.  After each good old-fashioned, self-absorbed and woe-is-me moment I then remind myself that it will be different, never the same as it has been, but it will be better. 


My family is growing in a wonderful way.  My son will always have a playmate, confidant and someone with which he can share old age.  A true friend to experience the “firsts” of life with, good or bad, a partner in crime against the ‘rents and an eye-rolling buddy when the hubs and I can no longer hide our dorkiness.  So, for all the mixed emotions coming my way, and that of the rest of my family, I think happiness is what is standing out the most.  And, even though I feel I have let so many commitments slide and fall to the wayside, I am at peace with this place where I stand and can’t wait for our next chapter.

Kitsch Krafts

PS-I promise to get my narcissism under control before the next posting.  Sometimes it’s good just to let some things out once in a while, right?

PSS-As time permits I will share pics of all the changes happening around here.

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Easter Sunday 2012

April 9, 2012 09:40 by ehouston

We had a pretty packed, yet somehow relaxing Easter Sunday this year.  It started with a slight freak-out over the midnight visit from the Easter Bunny.


In fact, most of my shots were even more blurry than this because he was jumping around so much.


I tried to get him to take his loot to the kitchen table to deposit his newly gained candy in the treat bowl leftover from both his Preschool Easter Egg hunt, as well as, the one we had at the house on Friday with is friends.  Not only did he still manage to spill jelly beans all over the floor, but he also took the time to pretend nibble each piece of candy before putting it with the rest, all the while mumbling about “CAHN-DEE!” and getting more and more giddy.  Seriously, it’s like a drugs for toddlers.

After negotiating him down to eating just two medium sized pieces before breakfast I was able to feed him something decent and get him out the door for a mid-morning Easter service at church.  This also included lots of fun take-a-ways for the Sunday School Two’s group, which thrilled my son to no end.  Apparently candy is the currency of choice in more places than just my home, and second occasionally only to stickers.

This year I remembered to take some pictures of us in our nice clothes before ripping off the hose, tossing the dress and pulling the Little Guy out of his button-down shirt.


The photo session started sweet, with some questions about the Easter Bunny and then some belly love shots.



There was a moment of calm and then the crazy took over,


and things got a bit rowdy.


Lets just say someone’s cute, newly made, seersucker pants headed straight to the washer after only about an hour on his skinny little legs. 

But that was fine since egg dyeing was next on the agenda and no matter how well I plan it seems I am never prepared for the mess he is able to make.  We only had one snafu when I barely looked away and he pulled an egg out of a dye bath with his bare hand. Not horrible, but the near wipe of the bright orange dyed hand across his light green shirt would have really made the moment. I caught his arm just in time.


I love this picture because it shows the sheer determination by which he went about decorating his eggs.  I was actually trying to talk to him and get him to look at me, but he was in the zone and totally unaware that I existed in the same space.  Just look at that bottom lip jutting out.  Sticker placement is an intense art not to be interrupted.

We finished our day with a lovely dinner at a friend’s house, where we stuffed ourselves to the gills.  It was a beautiful day, filled with lot’s of low-key but fun activities. 

Hope you all had a wonderful time this holiday weekend!

Kitsch Krafts

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Easter Hunt

April 6, 2012 08:01 by ehouston

Today was a big play date.  I should say BIG play date!  We had the Little Guy’s five main buddies over, along with their itty bitty siblings and moms.  Plus, two grandmothers.  It was a houseful and it was FUN!  A couple of us moms thought it would be fun to do an Easter Egg hunt and I offered up our place.  We have a nice sized backyard and it’s fenced in, so there was no concern about escapees. 

IMG_1646 (2)

Here is my man all decked out for the backyard hunt.


And, here he is in action.

It was so cool to see kids running all over the backyard, excited to find each and every egg.  I think the moms had just as much fun seeing their little ones getting so into the game.  All of us have 2.5 year olds and although they have been playing together regularly for at least half of that time, they are just now getting to the point of truly playing together.  It’s just neat to see their personalities develop and take shape.  After all the eggs had been found (or so we hope), they started just running around and making up games.  Mostly “chase-me” themed games and some that only a toddler whisperer could possibly figure out.  I love to see them create their little scenarios and rules and then attempt to keep it all straight.  We only had one major head bonking as two of them collided during a rowdy romp through the vinca vine way out back, but luckily they walked it off.  Whew!  Nothing like one crying fit to start the chain reaction! 

Of course we offered up some sustenance to keep them going in the form of bunny-themed refreshments.




I used the Rabbit’s Carrot Cake and Cream Cheese Frosting recipes from the Fanny Farmer Cookbook.  This cake is always so moist and the frosting really creamy.  YUM!  I did omit the walnuts from the cake recipe since our little ones have allergies and I let them pick between chocolate and marshmallow bunnies.  Leaving the golden foil wrap on the chocolate bunnies sent most of them to pick the “purple” sparkly ones.  More chocolate for the moms!  WOOT!  ;o)

Several fun-filled hours later, after the last friend had gone home and we had some calm alone time I had to bring up the nap.  He went kicking and screaming, but was out moments after his head hit the pillow.  But, not before saying, “Mom, Liam likes hanging out with his friends.”  So sweet!

Hope you all have a fun Easter Weekend!

Kitsch Krafts

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Baby Names

April 5, 2012 06:53 by ehouston

I think we are there.  We have chosen the one we are going to use, but I’m not sure about telling everyone else.  Does that mean I might not be totally sold on the idea of this particular moniker?  no.  I think it’s that fear of someone having the gall to tell me how it’s just not right.  Why is it that this woman who rarely worries what others will think, is suddenly paralyzed by the fear of the off-hand comment from a friend or family member?  The idea that the comment might wiggle it’s way into my subconscious and change my mind really does frighten me.  I am a believer in telling once the deed is done.  Then if anyone speaks up they look like the bad guy.  hee!  Passive aggression at it’s best, maybe, but the easy way out too.  With two new additions to the family this year, and possibly a third (we’re still praying for ya’ H & E!), we are now running into the question of “what if we pick the same name?”  And, since we are simply unable to come up with anything else to shake us from our original idea, we feel it would be tragic should we loose this option or at least part of it.  So, here is a teaser…Grace.  Yep, Grace is part of the name.  Okay, that’s it for now.  I guess after writing this out I feel a little less scared about keeping the secret.  Winking smile

Have you ever had trouble naming your offspring?  There are two people at church right now with unnamed newborns.  That’s got to be tough!

Kitsch Krafts

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Should I Stay, Or Should I Go?

April 4, 2012 07:00 by ehouston

I have been so MIA lately that I have considered walking away from this whole blogging gig.  The thing is, I have lots to share.  It’s time that I don’t have to spare.  Also, It seems as though a lot of my readers have fallen to the wayside over the last year or so.  I guess I’m just boring everyone to death.  This old blog was started as a way to share what’s happening in my life with far away family and friends.  After moving from TN to VA it has really helped fill that gap, or so I thought.  I don’t know what has happened to all my regular commentators, but now, instead of feedback folks are just ranking my postings.  Almost exclusively and the rankings are very low I might add.  While I certainly try to put out content to both educate and amuse, I will never understand why someone would bother to rank something they don’t like.  Like most mothers have always said, if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say it at all.  Am I right?  I just think that is weird.

But, I digress and this was never meant to be a bee-atchfest.  I really do love all my regular readers and any blogger will tell you the comments and emails we get from those of you that enjoy reading along are the fuel to our fire.  I just appreciate that anyone out there (both strangers and those readers I know personally) is interested in my pretty normal existence.  So, despite my self-imposed crazy schedule I have decided not to walk away.  Not at this time anyway.  As I stated above, I have plenty to say and talk about.

Sorry haters, or maybe just dislikers.  I’m sticking around.  Besides, I’m almost finished with the Guest Bath Mini-Remodel! 


Kitsch Krafts

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