Easter Sunday 2012

April 9, 2012 09:40 by ehouston

We had a pretty packed, yet somehow relaxing Easter Sunday this year.  It started with a slight freak-out over the midnight visit from the Easter Bunny.


In fact, most of my shots were even more blurry than this because he was jumping around so much.


I tried to get him to take his loot to the kitchen table to deposit his newly gained candy in the treat bowl leftover from both his Preschool Easter Egg hunt, as well as, the one we had at the house on Friday with is friends.  Not only did he still manage to spill jelly beans all over the floor, but he also took the time to pretend nibble each piece of candy before putting it with the rest, all the while mumbling about “CAHN-DEE!” and getting more and more giddy.  Seriously, it’s like a drugs for toddlers.

After negotiating him down to eating just two medium sized pieces before breakfast I was able to feed him something decent and get him out the door for a mid-morning Easter service at church.  This also included lots of fun take-a-ways for the Sunday School Two’s group, which thrilled my son to no end.  Apparently candy is the currency of choice in more places than just my home, and second occasionally only to stickers.

This year I remembered to take some pictures of us in our nice clothes before ripping off the hose, tossing the dress and pulling the Little Guy out of his button-down shirt.


The photo session started sweet, with some questions about the Easter Bunny and then some belly love shots.



There was a moment of calm and then the crazy took over,


and things got a bit rowdy.


Lets just say someone’s cute, newly made, seersucker pants headed straight to the washer after only about an hour on his skinny little legs. 

But that was fine since egg dyeing was next on the agenda and no matter how well I plan it seems I am never prepared for the mess he is able to make.  We only had one snafu when I barely looked away and he pulled an egg out of a dye bath with his bare hand. Not horrible, but the near wipe of the bright orange dyed hand across his light green shirt would have really made the moment. I caught his arm just in time.


I love this picture because it shows the sheer determination by which he went about decorating his eggs.  I was actually trying to talk to him and get him to look at me, but he was in the zone and totally unaware that I existed in the same space.  Just look at that bottom lip jutting out.  Sticker placement is an intense art not to be interrupted.

We finished our day with a lovely dinner at a friend’s house, where we stuffed ourselves to the gills.  It was a beautiful day, filled with lot’s of low-key but fun activities. 

Hope you all had a wonderful time this holiday weekend!

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