Happy New Year!!!

January 2, 2012 07:53 by ehouston

2012 is finally hear and I hope everyone had a fun time ringing it in!  WOOT!  As with any new year comes resolutions and our family is no exception.  There are the usual declarations…eat healthy, exercise…you know, the ones that last about a month.  ugh!  Of course we are REALLY gonna try this time!   But, this year I decided to make some business resolutions.  I know I have talked about changing things up before and working toward new goals, which happens throughout every year.  But, this time, before that darn Mayan calendar runs out I really wanted to switch my shop focus right out of the gates.  If I only have until December 21st, I might as well go out with a bang, right?

What this means to my three shop fans out there is more focus on the handmade textile items and a move away from the vintage treasures.  Right now I am strongly considering getting rid of my Artfire shop and opening a second Etsy store.  I tried a little test last year (or maybe that was the year before) and posted a couple of duplicate items from my Artfire shop over to my Etsy store.  I wanted to see if they would sell more quickly and sure enough, they were gone pretty shortly after the move.  I think my hesitation to make the change then was due in part to having the really cheap-o shop rate over at Artfire since I got in during the Beta phase.  The reality though, is that I barely give that store any attention, I’m not a part of that community at all and I really don’t even shop there.  I realized that, although I like the Artfire set up, I really participate more within the Etsy community. 

I will probably start with setting up the separate Etsy store front first and then run some test items through before pulling the plug on the AF shop.  In addition to moving away from mixing vintage and handmade items I hope to add some smaller and more affordable products to my current shop.  The only part I am not sure about is whether to keep my revamped vintage clothing pieces in my handmade shop or to move them to the vintage site?  Hmm…. any thoughts out there? 

That might be another section I “test” before making a final decision.

Oh, so many changes and so little time.  At least I have until 12/21….I originally thought the Mayans predicted the end on 12/12.  Those eight extra days ought to help a little, right?

Stay tuned for new shop info coming soon!

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