Hey, I Need A Little Help Over Here!

March 24, 2011 08:08 by ehouston

After a long search for new rugs to replace a badly aging den cover up…


(No matter how bad I want it to work, we really just are not a cream rug sort of family.)


and a too small formal living room carpet….


(You might remember this 5’ X 7’ number from my old office space at the Nashville, TN house.  It is waaaay to small for this 11’ X 14’ room.)

Last week, I came across a couple of deals that I could not pass up.  The first replacement was one I had admired about a month ago while perusing Lowe’s in-stock rug and carpet selection.  It was around $300 bones and since I was really in love with this rug, I figured I would save the $300 and put it toward what I really wanted. 

Pageant Rug

Pageant Rug from Home Decorator’s Collection

(Even if I had to live with matted texture, constant coffee spills from The Mister and ground in crackers (and God knows what else) from the Little Guy.)  But, the $1,499.00 price tag and the August, 2011 in-stock date seemed like an eternity of saving and waiting.  I decided that I could always come back to the Pageant Rug down the line and, who knows, maybe it would be on sale by then!  Wishful thinking I suppose.  In the meantime, I scored this little $300.00 number off the rack at Lowe’s last week for …wait for it…$117.00!  Yeah, you read that right!



Now, it’s a synthetic and it’s not all starry, retro and atomic looking like the dream rug.  However, it is bigger than what we had, pretty darn plush and the leafy silhouettes in varying shades of brown will hopefully hide whatever My Boys have to offer.   If not, I won’t cry over the price when I have to eventually toss it out, right?  It just so happened that on the same day I noticed another interesting carpet remnant that I had to bring home and try out. 

And, we now arrive at the place where your help is needed.  I want some opinions on whether this works or if I should stop being so cheap and get something better.  I replaced the small rug in the formal living room that we have been using as a stand-in with this $83.00 find:



The fun swirly vine and flower pattern is Berber within a regular plush background, and had me excited the moment I spied it at the back of the stack.  It’s pretty simple, but interesting all the same.  The issue I am having is with the color.  It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but sometimes it looks really aqua blue and other times sort of steely blue.   Soon, hopefully, I plan to paint the walls of this room a shade or two lighter from the blue-gray I used in the dining room, which is located right through the opening opposite of where I am standing while taking these pics.  As you can see the furniture in this space has been covered in fabrics that are in shades of deep blue, so I had always envisioned a dark gray carpet in here.  I don’t hate this rug, but I am just on the fence about whether it is right or not.  Please let me know your thoughts because I am worried that I like it more for the price than the aesthetics. 

Give me your thoughts, ideas, insight….but, please remember this room is not finished yet, so don’t judge it all too harshly.  ;o)  We will get there sooner or later!

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March 24. 2011 15:03


Hey Erika! I think it looks really nice, but then again, you are the expert in home design so I think you should go with your gut. I really do think it looks cute though! And you can't beat the price! Wow! Miss you!


March 29. 2011 04:44


I like it. The pics make it look sort of grayish-blue. However, I wonder if you paint the walls really gray-blue if it will make the rug look more aqua by contrast?


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