Making and Crafts : Faux Birch Bark Wrapped Vases

November 23, 2011 08:02 by ehouston

As promised, I am back with the craft I had in mind when deciding to create the faux birch bark paper earlier in the week.  For our fall tabletop décor and Thanksgiving dinner display I made simple wrapped vases for some seasonal flowers.  I started with a base of, you guessed it, cardboard containers!  Yep, one oatmeal and two grits cylinders from my stash.


I just measured around the middle and the height of each container, adding a bit at the top and bottom to help hide what lies beneath.   I also added about 1.5 inches to the end for a nice overlap.  Marked those measurements on the faux birch bark and cut out the pieces.   A bit of glue and a jute ribbon and it’s Fineet-O!


As per usual, my helper was in full force.  He is always on hand and willing to lend some heavy equipment when our projects start to get tough. 

One thing to keep in mind when creating your faux birch bark AND when cutting it out for use, is that the scraggly ends of the paper look a lot like the scraggly ends of real birch bark.  Try to use these portions strategically in your project for an even more realistic effect.


I was able to use the wrinkled, scraggly ends on two of my containers as a focal point placing the jute bow right on top.


In the shot above you can see how I left about 1/8th of an inch of paper above the edge of the containers.  I just thought the faux bark made a better edge than the lip of the food cylinders.



These were quite easy to make and I think they create the rustic effect I am looking for in our tabletop display.  Oh yeah, you are probably wondering how I planned to add flowers.  I know you know, that I know I have told you before that I prefer the real deal to fake flowers, so some waterproofing was in order. 


I just popped a couple of Solo cups and an old vase into the faux birch bark containers.


Of course, if you are into faux flower arrangements a floral block glued down in the bottom would allow you to do whatever you like with your blooms.  I would recommend weighting the bottom with some marbles or gravel though, since they are pretty light weight and could get top heavy once the arrangement was complete.



These last two shots are just a sneak peek at where I am headed with the décor for the feast.  I will be posting on Friday with more on our homemade fall decorations, so stay tuned and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

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