So Ready For Summer!

February 7, 2011 06:28 by ehouston

Lately, every time I hear a weather forecaster talking about “the big one” coming, I just cringe.  Some of you may know that I actually hail from the mid-west, Michigan to be exact, but I have spent the majority of my life below the Mason-Dixon line.  While I love the snow and have very fond memories of enormous drifts that covered our front door, sledding down hills so long and tall and deep with snow you could barely make it back up for a second ride, and YES, I did go to school through three blizzards.  I can’t wait to use that one on the Little Guy in the future.  ;o)  However, I never had to drive in the snow.  Now that I still have to get out and live my life even when there is a foot of snow covering the ground, I am no longer a fan.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love to sit and watch the flakes fall, and seeing everything covered in a lovely coat of white fluff never ceases to make me smile.  It’s just that I think I am officially ready for spring to make an appearance.  I am getting all tingly with anticipation when I think about planting another small veggie patch out back.  I also can’t wait to break out the grill and start puttin’ a char on something!  In celebration of my anticipation I listed a few summery items a little early in the old Etsy shopperoo.


A fun vintage BBQ patterned plate, perfect for serving burgers and brats!


A Western version!  Use this one to serve up your thick cut steaks and bubbling baked beans.

After eating it’s always fun to take a dip in the pool.  Don’t forget your beach ball!


Love and Dove Beach Ball

Before the day turns to night we should all take some time to play a game or two with family and friends.


Vintage Poodle Bridge Score Cards

Kitsch Krafts

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February 8. 2011 10:35

Niesz Vintage Home

The BBQ plates are too cute!
I am soooooo ready for some warm weather.
We have had non-stop snow and cold this winter and I am officially done!

And I wanted to thank you for the insights on the note cards.
That's kind of what I was thinking. So many people are into scrapbooking and card making themselves, its not really something my target audience would buy.

Kimberly Smile

Niesz Vintage Home

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